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Google places, or Google local listing, is search results on Google based upon location. The search page also displays the map of the region put in the search box. For anyone who owns a business, the first important step to give exposure to the business is to add the listing for his or her business location.
Google local business listing forms a close connection between users and their local businesses; it draws them closer on both the platforms- online and real world. Local business listing provides the best solution for companies to serve their customers: existing as well as the potential ones. Here is the low-down on some useful guidelines for google local listing of your account and location:

Google Places Accounts

Ownership- Veritable business owners or the representatives who are authorized for the subject can verify the business listing on Google Places.
Email Addresses of the Account- If multiple users approach the account and are involved in updating the business listing, then it is recommended that a shared business email account be used. It would be best if the email account is created under the business domain.
Generally, companies with small-scale as well as large-scale businesses verify their location with Google local business listing. Nowadays, to achieve higher ranks in google listing, companies are tugging on Google places SEO optimization. For this reason, service providers that offer local listing services are sought after because the skill of Google local listing optimization helps enlist your business and its location on the top of the search result pages.

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