Hypertext Preprocessor or Personal Home Page, a very popular scripting language that is especially suitable/used for Web Development. It is pragmatic, brisk, and flexible. PHP dominants all, from a very beginner page to the world’s most popular page. You can make dynamic and interactive web pages with the help of this powerful tool. It is a free, widely used, and efficient alternative to entrants/competitors like Microsoft’s ASP. The latest PHP release is PHP7, which is most stable than ever.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Speeds up Development
  • Makes your Application more Secure
  • Great Community Support
  • Open Source – Available for free
  • Offers too many Libraries, Packages, and Frameworks 
  • Keeps on Evolving


  • Slower Code Execution
  • External Dependency
  • Hard to find errors due to ease of customization
  • Requires may resources


Technical Expertise