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hi, this is _____ from “Business Telecom Partners”- Just calling to ask you a quick question.

JOHN I wanted to ask….I’m calling companies in your area to try and lower their phone bills.

If I could get your company’s phone bill lowered by up to 30%  would you be open to getting a quote?

Great, just need some quick info from you to get this started, this will make sure we’re getting you the lowest possible and most accurate quote for you.

-Firstly, how many employees are being supported with your current phone provider?

-Great, just wanted to confirm that your service zip code is_______? correct?

-And to confirm, when it comes to phone systems at your company, are you the decision maker or decision influencer?

-Great, almost done here, the last thing I need is to confirm to get started on the quote is your direct phone number is ______and email address is ______, correct?

Thanks JOHN, I have you with _____ employees, your zip code as ____, your direct phone number as _____, your email address as _______, did I get that correct?

Perfect, just to fill you in on the next steps. I’m going to get your quote request over to the provider right now so they can help you. They should be giving you a call in the next few hours or less, is that OK with you?


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